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Appointments Post

For all the fun that doesn't have an entry to tie it to!

Please put in the subject: Date and type of post (action/voice/written/cheese/whatever).

133. Omission

[Out of the tunnels and into the plaza comes one very tired ninja, limping. Anyone lingering in the area will see a very surprised face...at all the snow.]

Whoa. Winter. ...I wasn't gone that long right?

[It's cold and she has no coat to speak of, but as she looks around, she realizes the fountain is about as far as she thinks she can go on her own. Time to sit on its edge, open that journal and see what the heck is going on. ...And let people know she came back. At least it wasn't like she was kidnapped or something.]

Hey! Nobody told me I should've been ready for a blizzard.

I could use a little help though.

132. Tetris [voiced]

Y'know. I remember when I thought four months was gonna be too long of a time to live here. That there's no way this'd go on for even close to a year or something insane like that.

...Guess I was wrong, huh?

Oh. Tea shop's open again. Sorry about not warning anybody. I'll be around today.

[[ooc: Hello Luceti! Four long years ago today, a ninja became part of the experiment.

I feel old.]]

131. Null

[Thursday morning, Sheena gets up.

It doesn't take long to make the decision to go to the tea shop, carrying the journal in her right hand, even though it's sort of early. But early is the point, isn't it? It's a pretty dark morning, with low and heavy gray clouds. Maybe it's going to rain.

Minutes after she arrives at the tea shop, there will be a sign on the Welcome Center door.

Tea Shop Closed Today

She stays inside for a while, making some attempt at cleaning and organizing the back room. It's a terrible attempt; she's not even there for an hour before leaving, headed back to the house.

The empty house.

Her empty left hand touches the doorknob, jerks away as though shocked, and drops back to her side. The rest of the morning, she spends sitting on her front steps, doodling and writing words, then scratching the words out, on the journal pages. There is one word  that is written more than once, filling in spaces between the rough images]


[It's after lunch when she decides enough is enough, snapping the journal closed. Sheena rises from the steps to turn and walk away, toward the barracks - and the thing that will take her to the beach.]

[[ooc: She'll respond to written replies (or voiced ones if you're mad about the shop closing!) and, of course, to actions~]]

130. Wooden [voiced]

Hey guys. I, uh, just wanted to let everybody who knew her know that Presea's gone. ...All her stuff and everything. She didn't...leave stuff for people, that I know of, so there's nothing to come and get.

...I know we're always kinda supposed to say this stuff, but I believe that she really is better off going back home. That way she'll get to learn things for herself.

129. Bent [voiced]

Uh, hi, everybody. Especially the New Feathers. I'm Sheena, and I run the tea shop that's on top of the Welcome Center. Anytime you feel like having some really great tea, you should stop by. Some of the stuff I have is even from other worlds! So, uh, you might find something you really like.

And hey, if you wanna help out here, you can definitely do that too. As long as you promise not to set anything on fire. Good job by the way, Albert, I don't think I got to tell you that yet.

...And I've been here for... [a pause while she checks, and a quiet 'whoa'] Almost four years now. So if the guide didn't answer your questions, I don't mind giving it a try.

[the whole way through that she had a blush ready to take over her face. It's so embarrassing to toot your own tea shop's horn.]

128. Dual [voiced/action]

[locked from Mithos and Martel]

Okay, guys. Raine brought this up a while ago, but some of you are new and things've changed a little. There's a kid here in Luceti named Mithos - he looks like he's about thirteen, with blond hair - he's from my world. And he's dangerous. Not like he wants to go around tearing the place apart or anything, but...more like, he doesn't trust anybody. He doesn't need a logical reason to attack you if he thinks he's gotta.

I don't want anybody going after him or anything, 'cause that's not what this warning is about. It's just a warning. He's come after me, and then Sayo, and just recently Raine and Yuan. You don't wanna provoke him and if you can, you wanna stay outta his way. Most people, he's gonna dislike or outright hate, so it's not like he'll be coming after you for conversation.

But like I said, it's just a warning. Nobody do anything stupid. 


Anyway, I was hoping some people here were still interested in working in the tea shop. It's been great so far, but there's no way I can be there all day every day myself and not go totally crazy. I'd need someone who knows how to brew tea, and a couple people willing to take orders and serve it and stuff. I remember people saying they'd like to do it before - that's still true, right? I promise I wouldn't make you work too hard.

[The tea shop is where she happens to be at the moment. Though it's noticeably low on customers this evening.]

127. Change

Well, now that I'm back to being myself again and I've had a couple days to finish almost everything up...

The tea house is officially open for business! Even if it doesn't have a name yet. It's on top of the Welcome Center, and you should really come check it out! We have a little more than just tea.

[[ooc: Now that I'm not doing this on my phone Feel free to action right over there, because that's where she is. Also, this is what it looks like inside.]]

126. Bridge [action/voice]

[In the early afternoon, a small creature makes its way out of the forest. It holds the journal in its teeth; the book drags along the ground, making the little thing stop occasionally.

Not that it's going all too quickly. The creature is dragging its right hind leg along also, and favoring one of its front paws whenever it feels it can. Eventually it comes to a stop on the Marauding Bridge, putting the journal down and pulling it open with teeth.

It meant to say something else. Then exhaustion took over and it dropped onto its side there, head resting on the open journal's pages.]

I can't go any further.

[the voice is so tiny and high, there's pretty much no way to discern who it really belongs to...]

[[ooc: Sheena has been returned in the body of Corrine, her bff little summon spirit from home. Replies will come from hearttails ]]

125. Constructive

Okay, guys, I think we've got a plan worked out for how the tea shop is gonna look.

...Anybody wanna help me set it up? I wanna get started before it gets too hot outside and stuff.

Zelos and Ayumu? You're gonna help whether you wanna or not, I think.

And I'm taking suggestions for what to name the place. I haven't come up with anything really great on my own.

[[ooc: 1) A floorplan!! 2) Again, this is going on the second floor of the welcome center. It will be awesome.]]


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    There's not a good way to...get better from somebody important going home. But you can stay here however long you want.

    [Sheena's tired and intends to close early, and is still a little raspy from…
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    Hey. Watch who you call everyone.

    [Trying to cheer him up is only going to go so far.]
  • 30 Dec 2011, 00:28
    [There are a lot of things she could say to try to comfort him.

    All of them will be hollow and empty, coming from her. It's easier, more honest, to put a hand on his arm and just pat it a little.]
  • 29 Dec 2011, 20:35
    [Oh. Okay, losing someone? She can do that.]

    Guess he was a really good friend of yours, huh?
  • 29 Dec 2011, 20:31
    Oh. Uh, okay.

    [Sitting Quietly isn't Sheena's best sport. But she will most definitely try.]
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